New interaction with your Tesla!


Tesla Companion is an evolution of the original Tesla application. It brings new interaction with the same level of security as the official app.
Trustful, evolutive, community-driven, and well designed.


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Built with design in mind, Companion for Tesla brings a new challenger on the scene of non-official Tesla applications.
Since iOS 13, Companion for Tesla supports dark and light mode fluently and adapts to your iPhone settings.

  • Futuristic design
  • Dark mode / Light mode
  • iOS symbols and Apple's human interfacing design
  • Animations
  • Car image built from your actual car
  • No phantom drain or wake your car for no reason
  • Available in English, French, and German
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  • And many more ...


App features

Discover a new way to interact with your car from your Apple Watch!
There are so many planned releases along the way. This app is only at its beginning and one of my proudest achievement.
It's about 1.5 years of hard work.

  • Apple Watch counterpart
  • In-app GPS routing to your vehicle
  • In real-time battery data
  • Siri
  • Charts and graphics (planned)
  • Summon (planned)
  • And many more ...

Evolution & History

Tesla Companion came from a long path, hard work, and commitment who made the app what it is today.
The original release had a simple and not ambitious enough design, so I decided to postpone the first release and work on the next design iteration.

  • Long-term application
  • Community-driven
  • Ambitious developer


Security & Privacy

Security along with privacy are a fundamental human rights and a strong value.
The core of this app is built with strong on-device keychain encryption using the Apple Secure Enclave.
No servers are between your device and Tesla!
Companion for Tesla use Google Firebase and Instabug for debugging and analytics purposes but none of the collected data is linked to you or your Tesla account!

  • On-device encryption with hardware-based key manager
  • Anonymized data collection for debugging purposes
  • No servers between you and Tesla
  • Token-based communications

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